Getting Started with Holistics

It should only take a few minutes to get started with Holistics. If at anytime you get stuck, send us an email at [email protected].

1. Connect to your Database

Go to Admin -> Data Sources -> New Data Source, and enter your database connections information

  • We recommend you create a readonly database user that uses specifically for Holistics.
  • If your database is behind a firewall, remember to white-list our Holistics IP address (Check with our support team for the IP address)
  • If your database is inside a private network, behind a firewall, or you simply want a more secure connection, consider using our reverse SSH tunnel connection method.

2. Start creating reports/dashboards

Once you're connected to your database, feel free to start creating reports and dashboards. Head over to "Reports" tab and try creating your first report.

3. Add your first filters

Filters are important components of Holistics, bringing interactivity to your reports. Learn more about filters