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Use Holistics's modeling syntax

While we can read both SQL syntax and our Holistics syntax, use Holistics syntax.

Querying model and fields

Instead of querying physical tables, you can query the model using this syntax, so Holistics will only select the necessary fields to be included in the generated queries.


Refer to a model

{{ #model_name }}

Refer to a model (with alias)

{{ #model_name alias }}
(place alias inside the curly brackets)

Refer to a field (dimension or measure)

{{ #model_name.field_name }}
{{ #alias.field_name }}

Get all fields

{{ #model_name.* }}

Defining custom fields

Always use our model field syntax preface  {{ #THIS.field_name }} or {{ #THIS.measure_name }}, or click the referred fields to make sure you don't get unnecessary performance overheads.

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