Connecting Holistics to Your DB

To get started with Holistics, first you need to connect your database to Holistics. Go to Data Sources page, click on "New Data Source", and fill in necessary information about your database.

Supported DBs: We currently support

Connection Requirements

These are the checklist of a successful connection to Holistics

  1. Allows Holistics to connect to your DB server: White-list IP addresses, or Setting Up SSH Tunnel
  2. Create database user for Holistics

1. Allow Holistics To Connect To DB

If your database is not accessible in the public network, either behind a firewall or private network, you need to consider:

  • Whitelisting Holistics IP Addresses, or
  • Setting Up SSH Tunneling

White-list IP Addresses

You can restrict access to your data from the network layer by white-listing the IP addresses of Holistics from your firewall. Doing so ensures that only specific, trusted hosts can have access to your database.

You can find the 2 IP addresses to whitelist in your Data Source Connection Form. Please consult with your sysadmin, DBA to help you with the white-listing.

Amazon RDS

If your database is hosted on Amazon AWS, but not on a VPC, you can set up a security group and white-list Holistics' IP addresses. See the UI below (remember to change the IP address to holistics IP, with /32 as suffix). E.g:

Setting Up SSH Tunneling

Setting up reverse tunnel is great if you want to open a dedicated connection from your bastion server to our tunnel server.

All connections from Holistics will then be through the tunnel for a more secure data transfer. All connections to your DB will look as if it originates from your bastion server.

Detailed guide to set up reverse SSH Tunnel

Configure DB to Allow External Connections

Some databases by default don't allow external connections to connect to the DB. If that's the case please read more on how to do it here.

2. Create Holistics Database User

You can use your existing database user, however we recommend creating a new database user account to connect to Holistics.

Please read more about how to create a database user here.