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3.0 vs 4.0: Feature Comparison


This page gives a high-level highlight on the difference between Holistics 3.0 and Holistics 4.0.

Feature Gap Comparison

Since there are major architectural change in 4.0, not all features in 3.0 have been ported over to 4.0 yet.

This table provides a brief overview of the key differences/gaps between them.

Holistics Version
Analytics As-Code
Using code to define models and datasets✅ See this doc for more information.
Git Version Control
Branching & Merging✅ See this doc for more information.
Sync with external Git repositories (Github/Gitlab)
Integration with dbt
Integration with dbt✅ See this doc for more information.
Data Imports
Data Imports❌ See Note 1 for more information.
Automatic Model Relationship Creation
Automatic Model Relationship Creation from Database✅ See Automatic Relationship Creation from Database for more information.
Transform Persistence
Transform Persistence✅ (without flow-based)✅ (with flow-based).
See this doc for more information.
Dynamic Models
Dynamic Models (parameterized models)🚧 On roadmap. Feature Request.
Model Dependency
Allow users to delete a model (or dataset) even if it has dependencies✅ See this doc for more information.
Entity-relationship Digram (ERD)
Allow users to visualize how models are linked together using ERD.✅ See this doc for more information.🚧 On roadmap.
User Experience (UX)
Auto-update modeling fields after changing the SQL definition
UI to edit and run SQL model✅ See release notes here.
UI to edit and run Persistence🚧 On roadmap.


1. Holistics 4.0 will not support Extract & Load (EL) use cases. We recommend using dedicated EL tools like Fivetran, Airbyte and StitchData, etc. instead.

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