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Bar Chart

Bar Chart presents your data in rectangular horizontal bars with lengths proportional to their values. In other words, it is similar to Column Chart and the only difference is their orientation.

When to use Bar Chart

Bar Chart is used to compare measures across discrete categories. While Column Chart is great when there are a few categories, Bar Chart can be used in cases of high cardinality to create a more eye-pleasing visualization.

Create a Bar Chart

Creating a Bar Chart is similar to creating a Column Chart. However, it is important to sort the bars by their Y-axis values:

The Dos and Don'ts

Do not include too many categories

There is still a limit on how many can be displayed at the same time. When there are too many categories, Holistics' visualization engine only displays some category labels to ensure your they are readable:

This may cause confusion to your report users, so it is best to use a dimension with lower cardinality, or group your categories using a Custom Dimension.

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Bar Chart

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