Customer Support

How to reach our support team

If you have questions or need our help with Holistics, you can reach us via the Contact Support form in the application, or drop us an email at [email protected]

Feature Request

In product development, market and customer requests are one of our main sources for feature ideas. However, we will prioritize features that are most aligned with our vision, and will benefit as many Holistics users as possible.

Feature Request & Support Request Prioritization

This section aims to give you a general idea of how we prioritize support tickets and feature requests internally.

P1 - Critical

  • Support request: Tickets of this priority mostly concern Holistics system issues, security issues, bugs, or breakages that completely block your work. We will help you resolve these problems as soon as possible.
  • Feature request: Features are assigned P1 when we estimate that it will benefit at least 30% of our customers. Bonus points if the feature is already in our roadmap.

P2 - Normal

  • Support request: Tickets of this priority are often issues that cause some inconvenience, but do not immediately block your day-to-day operations.
  • Feature request: Features are assigned P2 when about 15% of our customers benefit from it. We will add it to our roadmap to be implemented in the near future.

P3 - Nice to have

  • Support request: These are mostly issues not entirely in our control, for example: network issues, database issues, SQL how-to, analytics questions, or questions that need deep business domain knowledge. We will assist you with these questions to the best of our abilities.
  • Feature request: Features are assigned P3 when only about 5% of our customers benefit from it. We will add it to our backlog, and will come back to it later when resources are available.

Summarization of prioritization criteria

Request TypesP1 - CriticalP2P3

% Teams get benefit or request this same feature (And this feature is not planned on our roadmap)




Holistics is down


Security Issue


Something is not working and blocking my work


Something is not working anymore but not blocking my work


If you are on Enterprise Plan, please contact your account manager for direct requests.

Support Impersonation

For complex issues that we cannot replicate on our side, sometimes we will need your permission to impersonate your user account to investigate.

You can enable it from your tenant's Settings page, Security section

As per protocol, we will also ask for your permission in the support ticket.