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Data Warehouses

To get started with Holistics, a data warehouse must be connected first to serve as a place to consolidate, store, transform and model your data.

What is a Data Warehouse?

Data Warehouse is a central database to store data from different sources for analytical purpose. Modern data warehouses can hold a large amount of data, and are optimized for complex analytical queries.

In Holistics, a Data Warehouse is a connection to your actual data warehouse. As Holistics itself is not a data warehouse and does not store your data , connection to a data warehouse is the first requirement to do any data importing, transformation, modeling and reporting.

Data from other integrations like MongoDB, Google Analytics, CSV files... must be loaded into your data warehouse first to be used.

Supported Data Warehouses

List of currently supported data warehouses:

Check out these guides if you don't have a Data Warehouse yet

Connect to your Data Warehouse

When you are getting started with Holistics

You will see this screen when you first using Holistics that prompt you to connect to a Data Warehouse.

In Data Modeling

You can also connect to another Data Warehouse in Data Modeling page at the Sources Selection dropdown.

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Data Warehouses

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