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Holistics Drilldowns feature helps you link different reports and dashboards together to tell a better story with your data.

Reports are often closely related with one report answering a question that supplements the other, but constantly navigating the report folder tree is inconvenient. With Drilldown, you can directly click the charts to navigate to related reports.

You have a data table shows revenues of the Shoes category. You would want to have a setup where clicking on a category displays all stores selling that category, and clicking on a store shows the revenue growth of all shoe categories in that store.

Setting up Drilldowns

Drilldowns are made up of three parts:

  • The destination report with a filter receiving values from the source report.
  • The original report with a column that contains values that can be passed to a filter in the destination report.
  • A drilldown to link reports:
    • Link column: The column containing links that users click in to navigate to the destination report.
    • Value column: A column that provides data for the filter in the destination report.

Simply following these steps:

  • Select "Drilldowns" from settings dropdown menu at the top of your report:
  • Select "New Drilldown":
  • Fill in fields for your source report, destination report and their linking values and click Submit:

Drill It!

Now we can click on a value in a data table, and see information about that specific item.

See our video guide here for a more detailed walkthrough.


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