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Filter Template

What's a Filter Template?

Filter Template allows you to create filters that can be used across multiple reports, thus saving your time from creating the same filter multiple times. The range of filters available is the same as for the report specific filters, which are explained previously on this page, see Holistics Filters

How to create a Filter Template

There 2 ways to create a Filter Template

1. Add new Filter Template

To create, edit or manage your Filter Template, go to the “Filter Templates” page on the top menu.

2. Convert any existing filter to Filter Template

From any filter on the Filter Panel, select "Create Filter Template from this".

3. Pre-fetch schedule

The pre-fetch schedule will help to reduce filter's results loading time since they will be cached. The trade-off is that data in your filters could end up being stale and different from what's in your database.

Our recommendation is that you should set a pre-fetch schedule at a specific time (or range of time) when you need your filter results to be up to date.

How to use Filter Template

You can add it directly in Report Editor view

Or add in Dashboard

Apply Filter Template

When adding Filter Template to Report, you need to take the variable name set for that Template.

For example:
If you want to add usertype Filter from Template of which the variable name set previously is usertype to Report users, you need to add the folowing query.

SELECT u.id, u.name, u.role, u.created_at  
FROM "public"."users" u
WHERE [[ u.name = {{username}} ]]

See the image below

Filter Template

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