Filter Types

Filter Categories

In Holistics, filters are divided into two categories:

Please follow the links to the docs page for detailed information about each filter type.

Field Filter or Manual Filter?

In general, Field filters are recommended because of its ease to set up, and especially when you want to use Drill-through. Field filter's auto-mapping feature is also convenient when most of your dashboard widgets are created from the same dataset and should be filtered on the same field.

On the other hand, Manual filters are recommended if your dashboard widgets are created from multiple different datasets, or if you want to be extra-careful when setting up filters. However, Manual filters do not have some convenient features like filter value suggestion or automatic mapping.

Dashboard filters & Widget filters

As mentioned in the Data Exploration docs page, when you save an exploration as a dashboard widget, any filtering condition at the moment will be retained as a widget filter.

In other words, widget filter is a filtering condition pre-applied to a widget. It will not be overridden by the dashboard filter. Instead, the two filtering conditions will be combined with an AND operator.

To know which conditions are applied on a widget, you can hover on the filter icon next to the widget's name: