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Metric Sheets (Legacy)

Holistics Metrics allow you to define values to be measured, presented and monitored regularly, and easily presented them in different form and time period.

Metrics Sheets

Multiple metrics can be grouped together into a Metric Sheet, giving you a bird's-eye view of all those metrics. Headers, sub-headers can also be used in the sheet to make it easier to organize the selected metrics.

Metrics In Dashboard

A single metric can be added as a widget in a Dashboard to allow dashboard consumer to view the metric at a glance. You can add metrics to dashboard as metric widget. And it will be displayed as below.

Metrics Dashboard

Creating Metric

To define a metric, go to Metrics, New Metric, and provide necessary details:

  • Metric Name
  • Query: this is the query to calculate the metric value:
    • It needs to contains the string {{time_where}}
    • The query needs to return a single number value
  • Time Expression: Provide the SQL expression to point to the date field in your table.


For example, we define a simple "Successful Orders" metric based on the underlying orders table

  • Metric Name: Successful Orders
  • Time Expression: created_at::date (there should be a created_at field behind)
  • Query:
SELECT count(1) FROM orders
WHERE status = 'success' AND {{time_where}}

Depending on the time period being queried, Holistics will translate {{time_where}} to the correct range condition

For example if today is Feb 20, 2017 and user is querying for last 7 days (excluding today):

SELECT count(1) FROM orders
WHERE status = 'success' AND (created_at::date >= '2017-02-12' AND created_at::date < '2017-02-20')

Adding metrics to dashboard

To add metrics to a dashboard, simply go to Dashboard and click on "Add Widget" > Metrics

Metrics Dashboard

then choose the settings:

Metrics Dashboard

and see how it looks like in a dashboard:

Metrics Dashboard

Metric Sheets (Legacy)

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