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Holistics Visualizations

What is this?

Data Visualization allows users to create visualization from the result tables through a drag-and-drop interface that does not require SQL knowledge.

How to create visualization?

1. From your existing reports:

  • Explore Result
  • Edit Report
Explore Result

Explore Result

Edit Report

Edit Report

2. Create New Report

Create New Report

Create New Report

List of some of the most common visualizations and chart types used in Holistics:

Error: Too many columns, not showing all data

This error happens when you add a field (which contains more than 100 values) to the Column Field (of Pivot Table) or to Legend Field (of other charts) in VIZ Setting.

With the current mechanism, we can only show maximum 100 columns, if a field which has more than 100 values is added to Column or Legend in VIZ setting, Holistics will visualize a preview of the first 100 columns. Thus, you would have to apply filter to limit the number of columns to around 100.