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Import CSVs

Here is a quick 3-step process for querying CSV data in Holistics. CSV reporting in Holistics requires you to import data into a reporting SQL database.


You can import CSV to your Database in either 2 ways:

Using Data Manager:

1, Go to Data Manager by clicking Manage:
Click Manage

2, Click Upload CSV and follow the instructions to import your CSV:
Upload CSV

Import with Holistics CLI:

This requires Holistics CLI, make sure you have set up it.


Login and authenticate. You can get the token in Holistics (go to Settings, under API Key section)

$ holistics login <token>
Authenticating token...
Authentication successful. Info:
- ID: 1
- Email: admin@you.com

To Import a CSV file

To import a CSV file into database, run the following:

holistics import csv -f <path_to_csv_file.csv> -d <datasource_id> -t <dest_table_name>


  • -f: path to your CSV file on local computer, make sure the CSV file has header row
  • -d: id of destination data source
  • -t: destination table name, e.g: dw.custom_csv_table


holistics import csv -f erp_data.csv -d 5-redshift -t dw.erp_data

Import CSVs