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Import Google Spreadsheets

Import Google Spreadsheet is a feature that allows admins and analysts to import data from Google Spreadsheet to a specified database table. Admins/analysts can also specify the frequency of import to allow the table to be kept in sync with the source Google Spreadsheet. The destination table then can be used in reports/dashboards like a normal table.

How to do Google Spreadsheet import

Here is a quick 3-step process for querying google sheet data in Holistics. Google sheet reporting in Holistics requires you to import data to a reporting SQL database.

ETL for Google Sheet

Step 1: Set up a data source to allow data import

Set up your SQL database to allow write access for a given data source.
Please have a look at our docs on how to connect your database to Holistics.

Step 2: Import Source

Click on New Data Import on the top Navigation bar.

After that, specify title, source type (currently only Google Spreadsheet is supported), destination data source, destination schema name, and table name. Schedule (optional) can also be specified.

Copy and paste Google Spreadsheet URL into the text box in Import Source.

Click on the 'Validate' button below the text box to run and validate the Google Spreadsheet URL. If this is the first time the feature is used, you may need to click on the browser's "Allow Popup" button to allow authentication with Google.

Once authentication with Google is finished, Holistics will proceed to download the file and validate it. If there is no error, it will show the preview on the right.

Step 3: Import Destination

Next, you will have to choose the data source you want to import your Google Spreadsheet to.

After filling in necessary information (Data Source, Schema Name, Table Name), Destination Column Name will automatically show in Sync Configuration below.

Step 4: Sync Configuration

After specifying Column Name and Data Type, you would need to Validate Sync Config

Import Google Spreadsheets

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