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Managing Users

This section talks about how you can manage users and groups within Holistics. The main page to manage users are located at "Settings → Manage Users"

User Roles

In Holistics we have four user roles:

  • Admin: Has all privileges of other roles, plus the ability to manage users, data sources, billing,... and impersonate other users.
  • Analyst: Can create & edit reports, dashboards, data models and datasets on the data sources shared with them. Analysts cannot manage users, or connect new data sources.
  • Explorer: Can explore datasets & reports, and can save their exploration to their private workspace, but not the public workspace.
  • Viewer (Business User): Can only view reports and dashboards that are shared with them.

To understand more about the permissions each role can have, please read more here Permission System

Impersonation (View and Edit as other users)

As an Admin, you may need to impersonate other users on various occasions, for examples:

  • When you want to check you have correctly implemented some permission controls.
  • When you cannot reproduce a reporting problem that your end-user was facing.

The Impersonating feature can help you do just that. If you have an Admin account, when clicking on the top-right menu -> View and Edit as... you will see a list of users that you can impersonate:

Select a user, and you will be able to view Holistics reports/dashboards as if you are that user.


This feature only works for Admin accounts. Other accounts when clicking on the View and Edit as... menu will not see any other users to be impersonated.

Allow/disallow exporting data (Enterprise feature)

By default, your explorers and viewers can export data as CSV or Excel when viewing the dashboard or exploring a dataset. It raises concerns about data leakage for several companies.

Holistics allows you to control this action for specific users when adding new users or editing the current users

user management

Please note that:

  • In order to have this Action Permission Control, you need to upgrade to enterprise. Please contact us via [email protected] for more details.
  • Only Admin can edit this option
  • Only Viewers and Explorers are controllable. Admins and Analysts can still export data by default and this action cannot be adjusted.