Overall Workflow

In Holistics, the overall workflow from raw data to reporting is as follow:

Import data -> Model your data -> Create Datasets -> Explore your data -> Save as Widgets

If you have some prepared Datasets, you can start exploring and create reporting widgets right away:

At the moment, it is required that you save your exploration as a Widget in a Dashboard. If you are already browsing a Dashboard, you can also add a Widget, select a Dataset to explore and then save your exploration result.

Explore Data

When clicking on the Explore Data option in the widget's menu, the underlying Dataset will be opened for you to explore. This is particularly useful when you want to dig deeper into the numbers presented.

For more details about data exploration, please refer to Explore Data page.


Can I create reports from SQL?

To avoid the report sprawl scenario, in the latest version Holistics do not support creating reports directly from SQL. Instead, we encourage you plan ahead, model your data and create Datasets to reuse your data logic.

If you have some complex reporting logic that the available Datasets cannot satisfy, you can package your SQL transformation in a Transform Model, and create a reporting widget on top of that model by following these steps:

  • Go to Data Modeling page.
  • Click + Create โ†’ Add Data Model from Data Transform
  • Write your SQL transformation and save it as a Transform Model
  • Add relationships if needed
  • Click Explore on the top right corner, create a Dataset

  • Explore the dataset by combining dimensions & measures
  • Save your exploration as a widget in a dashboard

  • Do note that the preview of your exploration is limited to 100,000 rows, and report results are limited to 1 million rows.