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Schedule Cache


Scheduled cache reduces the wait time for frequently viewed reports or dashboards by allowing you to schedule query execution before viewing.

Suppose you want to view Report/Dashboard at 8:00 AM but your Report/Dashboard need to 10 - 15 minutes to complete the queries.

With scheduled cache, you can set it up to automatically start at 7:45 AM. About 8:00 AM, you can view Report/Dashboard without the need to wait for the queries to run.

Setting Up

You setup a scheduled cache by providing:

  • A Schedule: when the report/dashboard is executed
  • Cache Duration: how long the data will be cached

So, at every predefined time interval, Report/Dashboard will automatically run in the background to cache the results. When the cache duration is over, the cache will expire.



Accessing list of scheduled caches:

Scheduled Cache Menu

Creating new scheduled cache:

Scheduled Cache

Last cache time shown:

Scheduled Cache Popup


Individual widget in a dashboard has a last cache time:

Dashboard Scheduled Cache

Schedule Cache

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