Storage Settings

What is Storage Settings?

Every time you explore or query a SQL model, the whole query is run again. These operations can have low performance, put unnecessary strains on your resources, or become costly (in case of pay-per-use data warehouses like BigQuery) if the query is unoptimized.

To avoid this situation, Storage Settings helps you periodically run the model's query and write the result to a physical table in your database.

With Storage Settings enabled, when users explore or query from a SQL model, they will interact with the data table instead. This will give you more power to optimize query performance and cost.

Storage Settings can be coupled with dependencies to create a flow-based storage schedule to ensure data freshness and consistency.

Setting up Storage

At any SQL model or third-party model, you can toggle on Storage Settings:

The following window will popup:

  • Schema Name, Table Name: Choose the destination schema and name for the physical table. Note that you must have write access to the schema you chose.
  • Schedule: Schedule to run the storage process.
  • Mode:: For more information, please refer to Storage Mode

  • Advanced Settings (Column Format, Indexing, Flow-based Schedule...): coming soon