Holistics drilldowns allow you to flexibly link different reports and charts together to tell a better story about your business.

Reports are often closely related with one report answering a question that supplements the other. Constantly clicking back and forth between reports from the list of reports is inconvenient. Drilldown allows you to click on different columns or areas in charts to quickly navigate to related reports.


  • A pie chart shows proportions of operational statuses of all inventory items. Clicking on a status displays all items with that status.

  • A data table shows revenues by shoe category. Clicking a category displays all stores selling that category, and clicking on a store shows revenue growth of all shoe categories in that store.



Drilldowns are made up of three parts:

  • A destination report with filters.
  • The original report with a column that contains a value that can be used in a filter in the destination report.
  • A drilldown to link reports
    • Link column: The user clicks a row in this column to navigate. If this is incorporated into a chart, the link column must be on the y-axis.
    • Value column: A column that provides data for the filter in the destination report.



Creating Drilldowns

Select "Drilldowns" from settings dropdown menu at the top of your report:

Dropdown menu


You will see a list of pre-existing drilldowns. To create a new one, select "New Drilldown":

Drilldown modal


Fill in fields for your source report, destination report and their linking values:

Drilldown form



The user can click on a value on the y-axis of a chart (e.g. the label on the pie chart in the demo) or a row in a data table, and see information about that specific item.