Add Custom Dimensions and Measures

Custom Dimensions (or Calculated Fields) and Measures are virtual fields created on a model to combine existing fields/measures:

  • Custom Dimensions are created by using non-aggregate functions to transform one or multiple columns, for example CASE ... WHEN, CONCAT(), or field_a + field_b...
  • Measures are created from SQL's aggregate functions and operations such as COUNT(),SUM(), AVG(), SUM(field_a) + SUM(field_b)...

Add Custom dimensions

Here I'm adding a field that calculate contestants' ages on contestants model by selecting Add > Calculated Column, inputting field name and SQL snippet. Then I click Create, and a new column named Age will be created:

calculated fields

I can also make use of my aforementioned fields by creating another field named Age Group based on their age:

calculated field

Add Measures

Metric formula is one of the main sources of headaches when different departments report on the same metrics. With Holistics, you can pre-define your calculations in Measures so everyone can have the same definition, and can get insights without writing SQL by themselves.

Similarly, I can create a simple Measure on contestants model to count the number of winners:


Or something more interesting, like the average gift value of young winners (this will combine a base field Gift Price and the Age Group field I created earlier):


For more information, please refer to our docs: Model Fields

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