Add Metadata on top of physical tables

Normally database tables and columns are not end-user friendly. Their names can be incomprehensible to business users, and there is no context about what kind of information a table/column holds. With Holistics's models, you can freely add metadata to give more context to tables and fields, so everyone in your organization can better understand your data.

Model name

Model name is the unique identifier of your model within a data warehouse.

  • With Base Models created from database tables, the name is automatically generated and cannot be changed.

  • With Import Models, the name is automatically generated but you can edit it to your likings when using Data Import.

    Here I simply click on Model name to rename my import model:

Rename model

Rename model

Model label

Data Analysts usually name the models their own ways and it's occasionally hard for Explorers / Business Users understand. That's why we need Model label.

Model label is the display name for the model in Reporting tab, meaning that users who use models to build reports in Reporting tab will see the label rather than its real name.

For example, I'm going to set the label Categories to ecommerce_categories model by clicking on the text inside the parenthesis (next to the model name):

Model label

As a result, this model will be displayed as Categories when I'm exploring it in Reporting tab:

Model label

Model description

Model description is another way to provide more context for the underlying data.

Here I'm adding a description to my model by clicking on Description box.

Model description

Field label & description

By default, Holistics can automatically parse your field name and generate user-friendly labels. However, similar to models, you can change field labels and descriptions to aid data understanding.

Here I'm changing the field label and add some description in my Status field:

field label & desc

Nevertheless, while it is tempting to write very descriptive field labels, the display space in Reporting UI is quite limited. Therefore, it is better to keep it as concise as possible and put any additional details into the field's description.

Here's an example of an overly long field label:

field label

Hope that you will find this information useful.

See you in the next guide!