Connect to Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse is a central SQL database to store data from different sources (BigQuery, MySQL, MongoDB, Google Analytics, Google Sheets...) and optimized for analytical purposes.

To get started on Holistics, you need to connect your own Data Warehouse since Holistics itself does not serve as a data warehouse, and does not provide you any data warehouse in advance. Please check our official docs for the full list of supported data warehouse: Data Warehouses.

Connect Data Warehouse

If you cannot find your SQL databased here, please click Cannot find your data warehouse and submit a Datasource Request form.

Set up a Data Warehouse

In case you don't have any SQL database working as a Data Warehouse yet, you can checkout these guides:

After creating your data warehouse, you can connect it to Holistics and begin your analytics journey.

Connect to a Data Warehouse

At the first time you get started on Holistics, you'll be asked to connect your Data Warehouse.

Connect Data Warehouse

Later you can also connect to another data warehouse by going to Data Modeling tab > Add new data warehouse, select a database type and enter your database credentials to establish the connection:

Connect Data Warehouse

In cases your organization restrict external access to your databases, you will need to whitelist the following IP addresses so Holistics can connect to your system:


For more technical details, please refer to our docs: Connect Database

In the following example, I'm connecting to a PostgreSQL Database:

Connect Data Warehouse

Invite others to help you with the connection

If you don't have access to your database, you can invite members who have database credentials to Holistics, and ask them to help you:

Invite members

Make sure to select Admin or Analyst role for the user before sending the invitation, since only these roles are allowed to establish connections to Data Warehouse.

For more details about to user permission, please refer to our document: User Management