Inviting New User Into Holistics

On the top right, click Setttings -> Users to access Users Management:

Users Management

Here you can see a list of users in your organization. On the right below Settings, click Invite User

Invite User

Fill in the invitation form with the information below and click Submit:

  • Name: Name of the user in Holistics
  • Email: The email will receive an invitation link and will be used to login.
  • Role: User's role in Holistics (Business User, Analyst or Admin).
  • Allow API Access: Allow access to Holistics API for this user.
  • Custom Message: Message sent along with the invitation link to the input email.

Fill in

After this, an invitation link will be sent to the target email.


There are 3 possible roles on the Holistics platform. Each user is assigned to one role. Please check this link on permissions for each role.

  • Admin: Admin can manage users, reports, dashboards and billing, etc.
  • Analyst: Can create and edit reports and dashboards whose data source is shared with them. Analyst cannot manage users, or connect new data sources.
  • Business User: Can only view reports and dashboards that are shared with them