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Build Pipedrive CRM Analytics Using Holistics (Legacy)

Holistics amalgamates different data sources you have into a single reporting database, to allow for automated insights and report delivery. If you are using Pipedrive for your CRM data, you can connect Pipedrive to your own reporting database of choice on Holistics.

This lets you build more powerful reports by combining your data together from various sources, for a more complete view of what matters.

Automate flow of insights from PipedriveAutomate flow of insights from Pipedrive

Overview Of Key Steps

  • Add Pipedrive as a new data source and copy and paste the API key from Pipedrive into Holistics.
  • Create a data import job to move your Pipedrive tables into your own database.
  • Import tables such as the activities, deals, organizations, persons, and stages, tables from Pipedrive.
  • You can set the frequency to import this Pipedrive table into your database such as every day or even every hour.
  • Setup your Holistics reports and dashboard using Pipedrive data and other relevant sources. Your querying process is now automated!

Connecting Pipedrive to HolisticsConnecting Pipedrive to Holistics

For more information on integrating Pipedrive with Holistics, please have a look at our supporting documentation on working with Pipedrive data. If you have other questions you need help with, please feel free to directly contact us here.

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Build Pipedrive CRM Analytics Using Holistics (Legacy)

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