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Holistics 4.0 (Analytics As-Code)


If you're an existing 3.0 customer, please read our migration guide.

What is Holistics 4.0 (As-Code)?

Holistics As-Code (or Holistics 4.0) is the latest update of Holistics.

The key update of Holistics 4.0 is the ability to do analytics work by writing code using a text-based markup language. Doing analytics work using code has many benefits:

  • Version Control: Since analytics is code, analytics code can be easily checked in to Version Control Systems like Git. This allows you to track who changed what when.
  • Code Review: Every change to analytics code can be submitted for review before deploying to production.
  • Code Reuse: Analytics logic can be expressively defined, refactored and reused across multiple instances.

The language used in Holistics As-Code is called AML (Analytics Modeling Language). In another term, your entire data system can be serialized into code and the syntax for that is called AML.


  • There is no loss of functionalities between Holistics 3.0 and 4.0. Holistics 4.0 simply adds an as-code layer on top.
  • Holistics 4.0 users have the option to switch between a Code interface and a UI interface.

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