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The index.aml file


This page is applicable to AML 1.0 only. AML 2.0 has deprecated the use of index.aml file.

What is index.aml file?

The index.aml is a special file that controls which AML datasets are available to be explored. Only the datasets specified in this file are displayed and can be used in Reporting and Data Exploration.

Use index.aml to make datasets available in Production

For your datasets to be available and ready to be used in Production, it is important that you:

Step 1: If you do not have an index.aml file in your AML project, create one.

Step 2: Include your AML Dataset paths in the index.aml file.

Step 3: Save your changes.

Step 4: Deploy to production to make the changes live.

Common issues when you forget to include datasets in index.aml

Your Dataset is able to be explored in Preview mode, but it is not available in Production

If you can explore your AML Datasets using Preview mode, but are not able to see them in actual Data Exploration, chances are that you have not included them in the index.aml file.

To fix this issue, refer to this section Use index.aml to make datasets available in Production.

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