AML (Holistics As-Code)

(This feature is currently in active development. Please reach out if you want to become beta tester)

What is AML

AML (Analytics Modeling Language) is the language that defines all the objects in the Holistics semantic layer including Data Models, Datasets, Dimensions, Measures, Relationships, as well as the final Dashboard viewed by end-users.

In another term, your entire data system can be serialized into code and the syntax for that is called AML.

Why AML is necessary

AML enables analytics-as-code infrastructure to allow:

  • Managing changes and collaborations on the analytics setup with Git integration.
  • Giving data builders more granular control of data models, and end-users greater confidence when performing self-service analytics.
  • Providing a layer to translate business logic into data logic, and serve as the single source of truth for the organization.