What Data Consumers can do with Holistics?

If you are a sales, marketing, product... team member/leader, there is a high chance that you are a data consumer that uses data to make well-informed decisions daily, but are less technical-inclined. In Holistics, data consumers can be assigned Explorer or Viewer role.

Let's figure out what data consumers can achieve with Holistics!

Self-serve your data needs with Dataset


Sometimes it feels frustrating that the analysts cannot give you a simple CSV export, or that cohort analysis within this morning. The most common reason is your organization's data team is also flooded with requests coming from every other department.

Understand this problem, Holistics allows Explorers to answer their questions with cleaned datasets prepared by the data team, with a familiar drag-and-drop interface. You can freely combine fields and measures to aggregate data into different levels, or build complicated dashboards without knowing SQL.

Safely explore current dashboards


With a seamless Exploration feature, Holistics allows Explorers to dig deeper into charts and tables instead of just viewing it passively. You can freely filter data, change fields and measure combinations, or tweak the widget's visualization in the Exploration pane without affecting the original widgets.

Get data delivered directly to your preferred channels


Sometimes you do not want to spend too much time exploring - instead, a static snapshot of the dashboard is good enough for you to make crucial decisions.

Holistics provides easy-to-set-up email, Slack and Google Sheet scheduling features that can deliver data to everyone in their preferred channels.

Collaborate with your colleagues


With Holistics commenting system, you can add a personal comment or start a conversation with colleagues about a dashboard on the dashboard itself.