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Migrating to Holistics 3.0


To request an upgrade to Holistics 3.0, please fill in this form.

Why am I here?

You're here because:

  • If you signed up for Holistics before March 2020, your account is likely to be version 2.0 (or 2.5) of Holistics.
  • You somehow heard about Holistics 3.0 with all the self-service data reporting and data modeling capabilities. You're intrigued and wanted to try.
  • This page explains to you about the difference between 2.0 and 3.0, and lay out details of migration for you.

First, what is Holistics 3.0 and how is it better?

Holistics 3.0 is our next version of Holistics with a totally different report-creation paradigm.

Holistics 2.0 is designed as a "SQL to charts" BI tool. Where you write a SQL query (with some dynamic filters) and save it as a report.

While simple, the downside of this approach is:

  • Fixed Reporting: Non-technical users cannot build their own reports without knowing SQL.
  • SQL definitions sprawl: As reports increase, reports definitions get duplicated all over the place.

Holistics 3.0 takes a different approach by introducing a data modeling layer:

With Holistics 3.0, you will get:

  • Self-service: Non-technical users can build their own reports without relying on data teams.
  • Central definitions: All business logic are centralized and organized in one place.

3.0/2.7 and 2.0/2.5 are not directly compatible: Because both took very different approach ("SQL to charts" vs "modeling-based"), it's hard to provide an automated migration/upgrade from 2.0 to 3.0

Ok I'm interested. How can I upgrade to this new version of Holistics?

In order to upgrade to the new version of Holistics, please fill in this form.

After we received your request, we will enable Holistics 2.7 for you within a day.

What is Holistics 2.7?

Think of it as a Holistics version where both 2.0 and 3.0 functionalities are available to you.

  • You can keep your existing 2.0 reports
  • You can create new 3.0 reports based on existing 2.0 reports

This approach provides an incremental upgrade path where you can keep your existing business operations (2.0 reports), while experimenting with the new 3.0 report creation paradigm.

Learn more

Can you tell me more about the impact between Holistics 2.7 and Holistics 3.0?

Here's a slide deck on the difference between Holistics 2.7 and Holistics 3.0. that we went through during the webinar on Feb 2021.

Features not yet supported in 3.0

Not all features in 2.0 are available in 3.0 yet. These are features not yet present in Holistics 3.0:

  • Reporting: No more Query Templates (replaced with Data Modeling)
  • Visualization Inability to set background color of widget
  • Data Imports: Google Drive import
  • Filters: List filter (type), no more filter templates (replaced by filters 3.0)
  • Data Sources: Oracle, Druid
  • Data Imports Limitations: Post Import Query and Apply Conditions, New Column Source Expression
  • Data Transform Limitations: New Adhoc Column; Post Transform Query, Suffix Options for Create Table
  • [Cache Settings] Auto Preload: Cache Auto Preload for dashboards and widgets.

How do I check my current Holistics version?

You can click on the 'Help' button within Holistics and view the current version in the dropdown menu.

Let us know what you think about this document :)