Other Dashboard Options

If you click on the ... (More) symbol, you can see there are a few more things you can do with your dashboard:

  • Dashboard Preferences: This section contains all important configurations of your dashboard, including the ones we have mentioned above.
  • Embedded Analytics: Embed Holistics dashboard in your own application and make it available to your own customers. For more information, please refer to the Embedded Analytics documentation page.
  • Lock: If you are an Admin, you can lock important dashboards to prevent other Analysts from making accidental changes.
  • Duplicate: Quickly replicate your whole dashboard to a new one.
  • Move to: Move your dashboard to another folder. Note that:
    • If the dashboard is in the public workspace, it can only be moved within the public workspace.
    • If the dashboard is in your private workspace, it can be moved out to the public workspace.
  • Delete: Permanently remove your dashboard from the workspace. This action is irreversible.