How to import Facebook Ads source

Follow the steps below to set up Facebook Ads for data imports

Step 1: Setup your Facebook developer account

Holistics is using API v2.9. Please set permitted API version to v2.9 in Settings->Advanced. The API version for App Roles is always at least equal to the API version for All Calls, you should adjust All Calls version first:

Facebook API version

Please generate a token with ads_read permission to setup a Facebook Ads data source in Holistics.

Facebook Ads Read Permission

Step 2: Set up a data source to allow data import

Data Import List

You need to specify an access token and your advertiser account id.

You can get your temporary access token through this link: To get permanent access token, please refer to this post:

To get advertiser account id, please refer to this link:

Step 3: Create a new data import

Attached is a sample screenshot of a Facebook Ads import.

New Data Import Currently, we support campaign, adset and ad tables.

Step 4: Validate input and destination table structure

Specify the destination data source, schema name and table name that you would like to import the data into. Choose your sync configuration, and click on the 'Validate Sync Config' button to validate the table setup. The column definitions are also automatically generated from the source data. The data type of each column can be modified as you see fit.

Validate Facebook Ads Sync

Schedules for the current data import can be modified by selecting +Add Schedule. Optionally, data imports can be executed manually by clicking on the Execute link from the list of available data imports, after you have saved the import job.

Step 5: View data import status from job list

Once a data import has been executed, either manually or based on its schedule, a new job corresponding to the import job will be created to track its progress.

Facebook Ads Import Job

Users can click on the Job History tab to refresh and keep track of jobs that have run. Users can also click on the Logs link to view the detailed logs of each job execution.

Facebook Ads Job History

Additional data

Here are details of our supported tables.


id Numeric string
name varchar
objective varchar
account_id Numeric string
buying_type varchar
spend_cap int
status varchar
start_time date
stop_time date
update_time date


id Numeric string
name varchar
adlabels varchar
account_id Numeric string
billing_event varchar
daily_budget int
budget_remaining int
optimization_goal varchar
campaign_id numeric string
created_time date
start_time date
end_time date


id numeric string
name varchar
adset_id numeric string
account_id numeric string
campaign_id numeric string
adlabels varchar
bid_type varchar
bid_info varchar
created_time date
effective_status varchar