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Explore Data

How Explore data can help

Explore Data give users the flexibility to dig deeper into the data, ask questions and make adjustments to reports without Analysts' support.

For example, you are a country manager of an e-commerce company. Your analyst has made a pivot table showing the total revenue breakdown by countries through time, but you also want to see revenues by cities.

That is a minor change, but depending on a company's workflow, it can take 1 - 2 days for the request to be completed by the analyst.

Now, you can just simply explore and make that change.

You can even perform aggregations and calculations on your numeric fields, without needing to involve your technical team. Just drag and drop your field into the editor, and click on the field to bring up a dropdown list of the available calculations.

How to use Explore Data

You can Explore data in various ways:

  • From More options menu: Click on More option > Select Explore. Then, you will see an Exploration view opening.
  • From Charts: Click on any point of your targeted chart > Select Explore.
  • From expanded widgets: When you are expanding a report, you are totally able to explore your current report by clicking on the Explore results button.
  • When opening an external report: When you are opening an external report, on the top of your current report, click Explore results.

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Explore Data

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