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Google Spreadsheets Setup

What is Google Sheet Data

The Google Spreadsheet Data Model lets you load data from your Google Spreadsheets to your relational databases.

Model your Google Spreadsheet data

::: warning Requirement Please note that you need a Data Warehouse to load your Google Spreadsheets data into. If you don't have any, please create one or contact us via [email protected]. :::

1. Go to Data Modeling page

At this step, you must already have a modeling-support source. Select the source that you want to load your Google Spreadsheets into.

2. Create Data Model from Other Sources

Click on Create, choose Other Sources and select Google Spreadsheets.

3. Connect to Google Spreadsheet

Paste the URL of your Google Spreadsheet into the Google Source URL box, then click Validate to preview your data.

If this is the first time you connect to a spreadsheet, you will be prompted to grant Holistics permission to connect to your Google Account. Please make sure that Holistics's popup is allowed in your browser for the authentication to work.

4. Advanced Settings

From Advanced Settings you can modify the destination table from Destination Settings, and control how column types will be cast from Sync Configuration. Please visit the dedicated page for more details.

Other Notes

Google Spreadsheet's Sync Configuration

By default, all the columns in your Google Spreadsheet will be cast into TEXT/STRING type when loading to your databases. Please make sure to select the desired data types in the Sync Configuration section before starting loading your data.