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Import Facebook Ads Data

Here is a quick 3-step process for querying Facebook Ads data in Holistics. Facebook Ads reporting in Holistics requires you to connect your Facebook Ads database

ETL for Facebook Ads

1. Set up a data source to allow data import

Set up your database to allow write access for a given data source.
Please have a look at our docs on how to connect your database to Holistics.

2. Connect your facebook ads database

Go to New data source page -> Select Facebook Ads for Database Type.

You will see the below:

Facebook Data Source

So what you need for the connection are Access Token and Ad Account ID.

3. Get your Ad Account ID

Please login to the facebook account that manages the data you want to explore.

Then go to your Ad Account Setup

You will find your Ad Account ID as in the image:

Ad Account ID

4. Setup your facebook app

Create a new facebook app if you haven't got one: please refer this guide on how to do it.

Holistics is using API v2.11. Please set permitted API version to v2.11 in Settings -> Advanced:

Facebook API version

5. Add Marketing API to your app

In your app dashboard, add a new product called Marketing API:

Add new product

Now go to tab Tools under Marketing API. In section Get Access Token, check ads_read, then click Get Token

Add new product

You will see your generated token. Copy and paste it to field Access Token in your new data source form.

Now that you can click Test Connection and connect to your facebook ads data!

6. Create a new data import

To explore the data, you need to import them into a database that you can perform direct query.

Go to Data Import listing -> New single import

New Data Import

Select Facebook Ads as the source type and choose your recently connected data source:

Choose DS Type

You can now see the preview of your data. We currently support 3 tables: campaign, adset and ad.

7. Select/Create Destination Table

Specify the destination data source, schema name and table name that you would like to import the data into.

Setup Destination

8. Validate input and destination table structure

Follow the steps below:

Validate Facebook Ads Sync

1) Choose import mode for this import.

2) Setup destination columns' name and type

3) You can add a new schedule for current data import. Optionally, data import can be executed manually after created.

4) Once you Validated Sync Config, you can submit by clicking Save or Save and Execute to run the data import now.

9. View, edit and execute your data import

Once a data import has been executed, either manually or based on its schedule, a new job corresponding to the import job will be created to track its progress.
You can see the job's status by clicking value in column Last Run

Facebook Ads Import Job

Additional data

Here are details of our supported tables.


id Numeric string
name varchar
objective varchar
account_id Numeric string
buying_type varchar
spend_cap int
status varchar
start_time date
stop_time date
update_time date


id Numeric string
name varchar
adlabels varchar
account_id Numeric string
billing_event varchar
daily_budget int
budget_remaining int
optimization_goal varchar
campaign_id numeric string
created_time date
start_time date
end_time date


id numeric string
name varchar
adset_id numeric string
account_id numeric string
campaign_id numeric string
adlabels varchar
bid_type varchar
bid_info varchar
created_time date
effective_status varchar

Import Facebook Ads Data

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