Aggregating data

In Holistics, you can aggregate dimensions. When you aggregate a dimension, you create a new temporary measure field. The type of aggregation applied varies depending on the context of the report. There are three ways to aggregate your data:

  • Using an aggregate function in the UI: Simply click on a dimension you already dragged in, and select a function from the list. This is mostly used at the initial exploration stage, when you want to understand the shape of your data. Holistics provides a set of predefined aggregations that are described in Aggregators
  • Create a Measure from the model: This is used when your aggregation logic is more complicated than simple counts or sums. The measure's formula is stored at Data Model layer, so it can be shared across multiple reports. For more details, please refer to the Model Fields documentation page.
  • Write a Business Calculations: With this, you can write custom aggregation logic on top of the current exploration result using Holistics Expression. However, the logic written here will not be available to other reports.