Add Widgets to the Dashboard

In this tutorial, we will go through the steps to add a new widget to the dashboard. Let's say we are trying to answer the question: "How many movies are released each year?" with a Column Chart.

In Create a dashboard tutorial, we have added a widget directly in the dataset exploration workflow. You can also do this from the dashboard page.

  1. Click Add โ†’ Add New Report.

  2. You will be navigated to the Dataset selection screen. Select the Movie Analysis dataset that we already created, and you will see the familiar dataset exploration UI:

  3. Select Column Chart.

    • At the X Axis field, select Release Date and choose Year transformation.
    • At the Y Axis field, select the All Movies Count measure that we created previously
    • Click Get Result to view the resulted visualization

  4. Click Save to open the Save Report modal.

    Enter the title for your report, and click Confirm to finish.

  5. Once the save process is done, you will be navigated back to the dashboard