Create a dashboard

In the Add Relationships tutorial, we were exploring the Movies Analysis dataset to answer common business questions. However, the results you found at this step are only available to you.In order to make it available to others, you need to save it to a Dashboard.

To learn about the dashboard concept in Holistics, and what awesome things you can do with it, visit What is a Holistics Dashboard?

Now, let's create our dashboard!

  1. Click on the Save button on top of the exploration screen.

    The Save Report modal will appear. Enter a Title for your report, and select the dashboard that you want to save this report to.

  2. If you have not created a destination dashboard, you can click on Create new dashboard to start doing so:

    Enter the Dashboard Title, click Submit, and you will be navigated back to the Save Report modal, with the newly created dashboard selected:

  3. Click Save to finish, and follow on the link to view your result

    Voilà! Our Movies Statistics Overview dashboard is created. You can see our first report, Revenue by Production Company, being displayed here.

    Note: It is also possible to create dashboards when you are on the Reporting page. Simply click on the (+) symbol next to a folder and select Add New Dashboard

    Next in the Add Widgets to the Dashboard tutorial, let's add more widgets to this dashboard to have a real overview of the movies industry.