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Data Caching

View reports faster with data caching

Caching allows your data to be saved and served immediately to the next viewer, so that it delivers immediate experience to the report consumers.

The benefits are:

  • Reduce waiting time for the report viewers
  • Reduce loads on customer's databases since it will not send repeated queries to the databases.

Enable Caching

The cache settings of Reports and Dashboards can be accessed via the Refresh button or Preferences:

In the Cache Settings UI, you can configure:

  • Enable Caching: switch on/off caching for this report/dashboard.
  • Caching Duration: how long the data will be cached. After duration time, the cache will expire and be cleaned in Holistics server.

Automated Preloading of Data

If you know that a lot of your users will read this report in the morning, at around 8am when they go to work, one thing you can do to improve the viewing experience is to "preload" the report automatically prior to that.

This is done with our "Automated Preload" feature. You can enable Auto Preload to run at 7:45 AM and the data will be ready to use at 8:00 without waiting.

And it is possible to set multi schedule for preloading in Additional Preloads section