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Administration Settings

How to access Administration Settings

You can access the Settings dashboard by going to: Your home page -> Organization Settings -> More Settings.

Alternatively, you can navigate to: menu Menu -> Settings.

General Settings


Please refer to Timezone for more information.

Week Start Day

Please refer to Week Start Day for more information.

Friendly Loading Message

By default, Holistics will display friendly messages when a Dashboard, Widget or Report is being loaded.

Disable this feature by toggling off Friendly Loading Messages option under General Settings.

Email Schedule Settings

This setting will help you to edit Sender's Name, and Inform users other than relevant owners when email scheduling fail.

However, for some technical reason, after changing the Sender's Name, sometimes emails will be sent to the Spam box, so please avoid using this if possible.


Chart Color Palettes

See Color Palettes for more information.

Chart Visualization Settings

Set Limit on Visualization Records

This setting allows you to set a cap on maximum records to be rendered into visualizations. This prevents users' browsers from crashing due to fetching too many records.

By default, the limit is 5000 records.

Cache Settings


Bust Cache is a legacy feature. It is available for Holistics 2.0 tenants only.

Default Cache Duration Settings

You can set a default cache duration for your reports and dashboards. There are a range of pre-defined values to choose from. You can also define your custom values.

Job Queuing Settings

In the Job Queuing section, you can find these Job Control settings:

Maintenance Mode

Maintenance Mode is useful when you need to temporarily block non-admin members from accessing your Holistics workspace.

You can also setup a custom message to visitors during this downtime.

A member with Admin role can perform operations in the workspace normally, with the exception of scheduled jobs being disabled. A notification bar will be displayed to remind them that this mode is on.

Non-admin members will see a maintenance notice upon logging in.

Security Settings

Login Mechanism

You can choose to allow password-based login and/ or (just) Google login by selecting the corresponding option.

Allow Support Impersonation

Check the tickbox to enable Support Impersonation for Holistics agents. To learn more about this feature, please refer to Support Impersonation doc.

Single Sign On

This setting is only available in our Professional plan.

Toggle this option on to enable Single Sign On for your team.

IP Whitelisting

Please check IP Whitelisting for more information.

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