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Support Impersonation


Support Impersonation mode allows Holistics agents to interact with your resources on your behalf.

For more information on Impersonation feature, please refer to Log In As Another User.

Why Support Impersonation is necessary

What a user can see/ access is dependent upon their roles, configurations, etc. In some cases, it is difficult for Holistics agents to replicate complex support scenarios on our side. Granting us to the permission to impersonate your account is a way to troubleshoot your issues faster.

How to enable Support Impersonation

Go to settings Settings > Security section > Allow Support Impersonation.

During the impersonation process, Holsitics's Support Engineers might need to access your reports/dashboards in order to investigate your issues.

As per protocol, we will also ask for your permission in the support ticket.


Can I monitor Holistics' support agents' activities during impersonation process?

Yes. With admin privilege, you can access Activity Logs dashboard, which lists out all activities on your resources. In the case of impersonation, the dashboard would also have information about the impersonator, which includes their name, user ID and IP address.

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