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Download & export data

Occasionally, you might find something interesting and want to export report/dashboards for a meeting or for sharing with others. Holistics provides a few ways for you to make an export:

  • Download as a local file
  • Export to Email / Slack / Google Sheet

This feature will use cached dashboard data when available.

Download your Report/Widget

You can save your Report/Widget as a PDF file or do an ad-hoc export data from your chart to Excel/CSV/Google Sheets by clicking on Export > Select file type that you want to export:

export report

Download and Export your Dashboard

Download your Dashboard

You can save your dashboard as a PNG or PDF by clicking on Export > Select file type that you want to export:

adhoc export data

Export to Email / Slack / Google Sheet

Beside downloading dashboard as a local file, you can also get a dashboard delivered to your colleagues or clients via Email/Slack/Google Sheet. In Holistics, you are allowed to do an adhoc export or schedule it by simply click on Export > Select export channel:

After configuring required fields, click Send to export data to your preferred channels.

Disable data download

We understand that data security is always a top-priority concern, especially for large organizations. With Holistics, you can prevent users from download data. As this is an Enterprise feature, please contact us at [email protected] to implement this.

Row limits on export operations

Please refer to this docs to know the maximum number of rows you can export.

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