Data Alert (Coming soon)


Data Alert allows users to receive automatic notifications when the data meets certain conditions, so they can make timely and strategic decisions for their business.

How Data Alert works

High level

Holistics Data Alert will be applied on each individual widget. Holistics will check the widget results at a user-specified frequency. Then, if the results match a certain set of conditions, our system will send an alert to users via Slack, Email or Webhook.


Holistics Data Alert comprises of three main components:

  • Alert Conditions
  • Alert Frequency
  • Alert Destination

Alert Conditions

Alert Conditions are the criteria that the data must meet in order for the alert to be triggered. It contains a field, an operator, and a value. The fields that you can select are limited to fields used in the widgets.

If that field is removed from the widget settings, it will also be removed from the Alert Condition and displayed as "Invalid field". The Alert will still run, but it will fail and will notify you via email.

Alert Frequency

Alert Frequency specifies how often Holistics checks if the widget results meet the Alert Conditions. For example, you have a widget for "App's Daily Active Users". You want to be notified when the number of daily users passes 1000. If you set the Alert Frequency to be Daily at 8:00 AM, Holistics will start checking the number at 8:00 AM every day to see if it is over 1000 or not.

Alert Destination

In Alert Condition, users can specify which channel they want to receive the Alert. Holistics supports 3 channels: Slack, Email and Webhook.

Beta test Data alert

If you're interested in testing the beta version of feature, please let us know at [email protected]!