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Shareable Links

In Holistics, Shareable Links allow you to share dashboard access to external users with strict access control measures in place, so that they only see the data specifically prepared for them. Viewers also don't need a Holistics account to access the dashboard.

With Shareable Links, you can:

  • Restrict the data (by particular conditions) for each link shared
  • Set password protection for each link

Go to the dashboard and click on menu Share → Get Shareable Link

Since the link is publicly accessible, anyone with the link can access the underlying data, and this is not secure. To overcome this, Holistics allow you to set a password for the shareable link.

When a public user visit the a password-protected link, he/she will have to enter the password to proceed.

If you want to make sure all of your Shareable Links are protected with passwords, contact Holistics at [email protected] to enable this feature.


Note that if this feature is active, permission to enable Shareable Links will be granted to only Admin accounts in your tenant.

Consequently, if you want both Admin and Analyst to be able to generate shareable links, you will not be able to enforce passwords for all created links.

One crucial feature of Shareable Links is ability to restrict report data for each link generated. You can do that by applying the proper "Permission Settings".

For example, given a generic Revenue dashboard, you have 2 external customers that you want to share data such that:

  • Customer A can only see Revenue data in country A.
  • Customer B can only see Revenue data in country B.

How this works:

  • You apply a permission condition at the dataset/data model level (e.g. Country.code == 'Vietnam')
  • The Shareable Link will always apply that condition when viewers open the link.

Filter Settings

Default Filter Settings

If you want to set the default values for the filters, you can just do that in Shareable Link Settings.

Let's say, for example, you want your dashboard viewers to see the data within the last 3 months first when opening the Link, then you can just set the default value for the Order Date filter under Filter Settings.

Note: To avoid unintended changes, when you update the default filter values on a dashboard, Holistics will not update the default filter values of the dashboard's Shareable Links.

When you have many shareable links and need to keep track of every sharing, you can manage your shareable links via the dropdown menu in Holistics toolbar (Tools > Shareable Links). You can quickly search, sort and visit the reports and dashboards.

Common gotchas

Drill-through feature is disabled

Please note that Drill-through feature is disabled with dashboards from Shareable Links.

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