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User Authentication

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Holistics offers a number of sign-in methods that you can choose from. They are:

As an Administrator, you can configure which methods that your users can use to login to the Tenant.

Login Methods

Password-based Authentication

This method authenticates a user using an email-password pair. To login using this method, select Sign in with Email in the Sign In page.

Password Requirements

In order to keep your account secure, your password must:

  • NOT be too weak
  • NOT contain your company name or email address
  • Have at least 8 characters
  • Have lowercase and uppercase letters
  • Have at least 1 number

Google Sign-In

It is possible to use your Google account to sign into Holistics too. To use this method, select Sign In with Google in the Sign In page, which would open a pop-up prompt you to enter Google credentials.

Single Sign On (SSO)


This feature is only available in Enterprise plan.

Holistics offers a quick, secure way to login with Single Sign On feature. To learn more, please head over to the dedicated page for SAML/ SSO Authentication.

Enable / Disable Login Methods for your Tenant

As an Administrator, it is possible to control which methods would be used to access your Tenant.

  1. Go to settings Settings > General Settings > Security > Login Mechanism
  2. Select allowed login methods from the dropdown box.
Single Sign On

Enforce Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for your Tenant


Two-Factor Authentication provides an added layer of security by forcing login attempts to include an extra authentication information, usually a code or token from an authenticator app like Google or Microsoft Authenticator, alongside with the usual account credentials.

If you want to enforce 2FA for all users in your Tenant, we recommend you to enable only Google Sign-In and/ or Single Sign On login methods. Then, you can enforce 2FA for these workspaces.

These resources may come in handy for you:

Please note that Holistics does not support 2FA for Password-based Authentication.


Are there limitations on simultaneous signed-in sessions?

A: No, there are no limitations. You can have multiple active sessions concurrently without restrictions.

Is there an automatic session timeout, and if so, what's the duration?

A: Yes, for security, there's a 30-minute inactivity timeout. Users are logged out automatically after this period. Remember to save your work or refresh your session during extended inactivity to avoid interruptions.

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