Getting Started

In this series of tutorials, you will go through a full Holistics workflow, from data modeling to dashboard development. We will explore a data set from TMDB - a movie database website and answer questions like:

  • How many movies have been released over the years?
  • What are the most successful movie production companies?
  • What are the most successful movies in terms of revenue?
  • What are the most popular genres

... and more!

Overview of Holistics workflow

In this tutorial, we will walk you through a basic Holistics workflow:

Note: Holistics requires at least one connection to a SQL database to work. The demo account used in this tutorial already has a demo database connected. If you are looking for instructions on how to connect to a database, please refer to this guide.

Access Holistics's demo account

To proceed with this tutorial, you will need to access Holistics's Demo account.

  1. When logged in to Holistics, click on the Help butotn (the (?) icon) -> View Demo Dashboard

  2. The Request Demo Account modal will appear. Click on the Request Demo Account button.

  3. Right after that, you will be notified that a demo account has been created for you.

  4. Check the mail box of the email that you used to log into Holistics. You will see an email with credentials to access the demo account

  5. Use the provided email and password to log in to

And done! You are now logged into the demo account.

The demo account is already connected to a demo database, but you can also connect to your own test databases if you want to use your test data.

Note: This account is for testing out Holistics's features only, and it will be deleted after sometime. Please make sure you do not keep any important data in this account.