Create and explore a Dataset

To explore data from Data Models, we will need to put it in a Dataset. A Dataset is a container of multiple related Data Models which enable you to explore the data and create visualizations.

Dataset can contain multiple Models, but at this point it will only include the movies_metadata model we have just created.

To learn more about Dataset concept in Holistics, head over to Data Exploration Concept: Dataset.

Let's go over the basic steps to create and explore a dataset in Holistics!

Create a dataset

  1. From the model page, click on Explore data

  2. The Create Dataset screen will open, with the movies_metadata model pre-selected.

    Click Save to complete, and a link to the created Dataset will appear:

Explore the dataset and start building your first visualization

Click on the link and you will be navigated to the Dataset Exploration UI. From here you can start to drag and drop fields to analyze your data.

For example, a simple question: How many movies were released each year? To answer this:
- Drag in **Release Date** field, change time period to **Year**
- Drag in **All Movies Count** field
- Select **Column Chart** from the list of visualizations
- Click **Get Result**