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Embedded: Security

For security purpose, it's recommended to use HTTPS when embedding Holistics in your side.

Secret Key

The key we issue you in step 2 is to sign your payload with HMAC 256 signature mechanism. This signature is for us to check the payload's integrity and prevent people from tampering and modifying your payload during the request.

Token Expiration

You must specify a time to expire your issued JWT. The recommended expired time is 24 hours after you issue the token. The reason behind this is to deal with the situation when someone steals the JWT of your customer (not difficult to do so) and issue it elsewhere. The stolen token will be expired in a short time so damage is minimized.

Sensitive Data

Note that the JWT only allows us to check the integrity of the received payload. No cryptography is involved in JWT, and your payload's information is not securely concealed from others. Please do not include any sensitive data inside the payload

Reset Secret Key

In case your secret key is leaked, you can go to the embed analytics editing section and click Reset Secret Key.

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