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Data Usage Requests

This guide will give insights into what information would generally be useful to Holistics support agents when sending sharing usage data requests.

Suggested support information

When you ask for data usage sharing, confirm with us first:

  1. The fields that you want to be included.
  2. The time range of the data you want.
  3. The types of the object you need to know the usage, for example, Dashboard, QueryReport, Users...
  4. The format to share data: CSV (static snapshot) or Shareable Link (live data).

Please make sure that you have the rights to request that data (your email must be registered in your Tenant in Holistics and you should be an admin).

Frequently requests from our customers

Here is a list of frequently requests:

  • I want a list of my current reports & dashboards
  • I want a list of reports and the dashboards containing them
  • I want to know which reports/dashboards are used most
  • I want to know which reports are using table
  • I want to check my query runs usage
  • I want to check my job queue performance

Let us know what you think about this document :)