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What is Holistics's Dashboard?

In Holistics, Dashboard is a collection of reports/widgets that help you tell a story, or paint a big picture of your organization.

Create Dashboards

You can start creating dashboards from the Create menu in the Reporting page...

And then Add Widgets. A widget can be a new report created directly in a dashboard, or an individual report that you created before.

After the widget is added, you can change its size, position and settings. Please refer to the Widgets page for more details on widget types and control options.

Dashboard Delivery


Just like with reports, you can give dashboard access to users in your organization, or share with an external party with a shareable link. For more details, please refer to the Reports Sharing page.


You can export your dashboard to a static snapshot in PNG or PDF format. Please refer to the Export Data for more details about this feature.

Delivery Schedule

In case you want a regular snapshot of your dashboard delivered to your hand, you can easily set up a schedule just like with reports.

For more details, please refer to the Data Delivery section.

Other features

Dashboard Filters

At the Dashboard level, you can create filters to be used in multiple widgets. All filters that you created in a widget will also be available to other widgets in the same dashboard as well.

By default, filter values at Dashboard level will override those at Report level. However, you can set a static filter at Widgets Settings to override dashboard filters.

For more details about filters, please refer to the Filters page.

Auto-refresh Dashboard (for big screens)

When you want to project your dashboard onto big screens (for example display TVs) for real-time or near real-time tracking, the Auto-refresh feature will help you periodically update your dashboard with the latest data.

Copy & Move Dashboard

Just like with reports, you can copy and move your dashboards around in both public and private workspace.

The Copy feature is particularly useful when you want to experiment with your designs, or create different versions of your dashboards to suit different needs and audiences.

Embedded Dashboards

Similar to reports, you can easily have customer-facing dashboards by embedding Holistics's Dashboards within your own application. For more details, please refer to the Embedded Analytics page.

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