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Coming Soon

This feature is still under development and will be released at around the end of June 2024


When viewing Data Table reports, Holistics allows Report Builders to define specific actions that users can perform at the individual row level.

Action Background

This is useful for some scenarios such as

  • Open an external website dynamically based on row value (CRM, Internal Application, etc)
  • Send Emails to a specific person with pre-defined email content
  • In-app Navigation between Holistics Dashboards

Currently, Holistics only enables adding URLs (Go To URL Action) to Data Table. The URL can be either fixed or dynamic, corresponding to the data. Dynamic URLs can be constructed via AQL or SQL.


To Add URLs to your Data Table report

  • Define the URL
  • Add Go To URL Actions to your Viz Fields in Viz Setting
  • Use Actions in the Report

Defining the URL example

The URL can be defined as a Custom Field within the Model/Dataset for better reusability or can be defined directly when adding the Action to Visualization.

Model ticket {
dimension id {
label: 'Ticket Id'
type: 'text'
definition: @sql {{ }} ;;
// Construct a Zendesk URL with Ticket Id, used in "Open in Zendesk" Action
dimension zendesk_url {
label: 'Zendesk URL'
type: 'text'
definition: @aql

// Reply in Email Action
dimension requester_email {
label: 'Requester Email'
type: 'text'
definition: @sql {{ #SOURCE.requester_email }} ;;
dimension subject {
label: 'Ticket Subject'
type: 'text'
definition: @sql {{ #SOURCE.subject }} ;;
// Construct a mailto URL with prefill subject and recipient
dimension reply_in_email_url {
label: 'Reply via Email URL'
type: 'text'
definition: @aql
'?subject=[Customer Support] ',

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